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COVID-19 Quarantine and Pancakes

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What in the world do pancakes have to do with an illness that is taking way too many lives, disrupting the world, the economy and everything else scary have in common?

Staying at home with loved ones to help save some other neighbor on this big blue ball called Earth may cause one to go stir crazy with family members or be completely isolating for single people. What it also has done? It has is slowed time. What day is it?

We are all guilty of the rat race. Get to the job, commute, try to make a living, do what we need to do to pay the damn bills. For what? To make that supposed life that we “want”?

In that paradigm, I would normally suggest going to our favorite breakfast restaurant once every so often when we were both craving breakfast food on a random weekend morning.

Now that we don’t have the option to go out for this food, I rediscovered my mother’s 1950’s recipe for homemade real buttermilk pancakes.

Needless to say, my wife, who doesn’t like pancakes, is now hooked on a recipe that requires time, not ingenuity or some secret ingredient.

I say the secret ingredient now is the time we are granted by having to stay at home to save others.

The extra time at home, the cooking (and more importantly the EATING of meals) has been something my wife and I have rediscovered. The simple joy of arguing “why are you doing it that way” and “helping not helping” doesn’t really matter.

Are all the worldly concerns important? Yes. But what matters today is that we rediscovered the best freaking pancakes ever and they are again part of our daily lives.

--Steve Jozwiakowski

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