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A Ray of Sunshine: Making Connections, Sharing Baked Goods

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

As week four of our work-safe-from-home order winds down, we continue to find solace in the little things. We are reconnecting with people and hobbies. We are re-discovering things perhaps we've over-looked for years. We are learning new skills and some instances, discovering areas of the world virtually.

We at MOJOZ Consulting try to not take anything for granted. Remember what the world was like before and after 9/11? What we have today is not guaranteed tomorrow.

To that end, here is the positive trifecta for today:

#1: A ray of sunshine

Days pass differently for our pets than they do for us. We are their world. Our pets are all about being in the moment, whatever that moment may be, all the time. They are always present. We can learn a lot from them.

#2: Connect with neighbors you may not know well

My husband and I enjoy baking desserts during the holidays. Every year, we put goodie baskets together for our neighbors with my husband's Christmas cookies (a secret blend of coconut, oatmeal, pecan and chocolate chips). A few neighbors reciprocate with goods of their own, but we never expect it. This is just something we enjoy doing.

Today, one of the neighbors we don't know well, but who has lived down the sidewalk from us for years, brought us something homemade for the first time—yummy pastries and a practical pot scrubber.

#3: Build relationships

I had an unexpected opportunity to connect with two wonderful women who are as passionate about client relations and building partnerships as we are. We are now network buddies in LinkedIn.

What will you do with the extra time you've lamented you've never had?

—Monique Jozwiakowski

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