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A Conversation with Inclusive Workplace Advocate Vivian Acquah—WHY AmplifyDEI

I met Vivian Acquah about a year and a half ago, but it feels like we've been connected longer. I feel like this with much of my network, probably because they are my people. They are from all overdifferent geographies and cultures; different languages and customs; different thoughts and experiences; different skillsets and perspectives; different ages and backgrounds; different educations and careers; different ways of doing things and different interests. None of them right. None of them wrong. All of them perfect with various degrees of separation.

The pandemic was on the cusp of global visibility, and I was looking for new opportunities. One of my biggest clients was downsizing its consultant relationships and eventually its own people. I wanted to elevate the attention of what I knew was needed most. It's through a friend connecting me to a new group; connecting me to conversations (even difficult ones); connecting me to new people, ideas and topics; connecting me to 1:1s; connecting me to opportunities to share my work and platforms; and, and, and... that have brought me here and continue to propel me forward.

My comment and observation about the "world working in mysterious ways" is not unique to my perspective or experiences. If you ask nearly anyone, I'm pretty sure they will have this same response. And while it has turned into a cliche phrase, it's not a cliche statement. Far from it.

I often sit back and reflect on various roads and events that led me to writing this blog. I embrace what is and has been; without that, I wouldn't be me, and "me" is a pretty good part of this universe. I'm far from perfect. I have that in common with everyone else on the planet. But I'm a human being, and I also have that in common with everyone else on the planet. Everyone has those two things in common, regardless where you live, what you've done, and where you come from.

I marvel at the opportunities I've hadwhat it would be like had I turned left instead of right, said no instead of yes, listened to my fears and not explored. It's a truly remarkable feeling, to let yourself go in these moments and truly be the moment. A moment that feels like you're floating in your thoughtsno other whispering, no other commitments, no conformity.

Embrace your uniqueness and recognize it in others. You'll be amazed at how the universe shifts.

—Monique Jozwiakowski


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