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The Gift of Time and the New Home/Office/Classroom/Church/Gym/Etc.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic marches on to its conclusion, we all have a new normal. Our lives are getting mashed into one small place we collectively call our home.

How do we cope with everyone staying home constantly? Here are a few tips we’ve found to help manage.

• Remember first and foremost: we have more of what we always wished for! Time. You may be getting sick of seeing the same faces for too long each day, but things will eventually go back to normal. Time has slowed down; all we need to do is use it.

• Maintain a routine schedule. What day is it today? Tues-hurs-yay-day? Weekdays should have set times for productivity. Weekends are for relaxing. A simple shower or bath to start the day and avoiding loungewear can boost productivity. I am guilty of this right now. I’m wearing sweatpants while I write this blog entry, but I did shower today.

Multiple activities should have multiple rooms. I realize this may not be possible at all times with a parent who is technically working while trying to be teacher, guidance counselor, and PE coach all at the same time. Have a distraction-free workspace, maybe even set a time limit for your activity. Act like we would if we were still going to an office or school.

• A good internet connection! Now more than ever with everyone at home, staying productive will all grind to an unceremonious ALL STOP without a good, reliable connection to the information superhighway—not to mention that everyone in the house is now using wi-fi all at once.

Do not watch the news all day! I realize you need information, but it constantly repeating the infections, hospitalizations, deaths, antics of politicians, and on and on in the background is not good for your mental health.

Try to eat meals together. I am the worst hungry/angry person (hanger is real!) in our home. Sit down together, no tv, no movies, no phones, and just eat (if you are all hungry and lucky enough you may just get grunts of contentment through your meal).

Go outside. Exercise is important. If it is a nice day, go for an extra walk with your spouse, child or animal (not necessarily in that order).

The changes in our new home/office/classroom/church/gym/ etc. and new lifestyle will eventually end. Things may not totally go back to what we thought of as normal. We WILL undoubtedly go back to our overly busy lives. Whether it is running kids to soccer practice or commuting home after a long day, or squeezing in a workout; try to enjoy the gift of time the world has given to us.

—Steve Jozwiakowski

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