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Humans First: Nurturing People Connections

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I attended my inaugural #humansfirst virtual meeting last week. It was difficult to get to know all 50 of the people in the video chat, but with a few small breakout sessions, I had conversations with 15 people across the United States and countries including Canada, Israel and The United Kingdom.

We shared what was on our minds at the time of the meeting, where we "are" in our coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and all that it entails, and we discussed ways we are seeing that we really are better together and what we are hopeful about.

For some, it was seeing how people are really coming out to help one another more; for others, it was the level of thinking differently to stay connected--increased video conferencing instead of phone calls and video play dates for some of the children.

This event will forever change us. I know it sounds cliche, but we will be better for it. We're learning first-hand that bad things CAN happen to everyone—even you and me—but these are events that build resilience and highlight things about ourselves we never knew.

We are and always will be a planet of humans, first and foremost. Remembering that, and putting humans first, we can overcome anything and make things even better.

—Monique Jozwiakowski

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