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Date Night with a Bird

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What did you do last Saturday night? My wife and I were sitting on the patio watching television shows and got a little sidetracked. We ended up having a date night with some photography (keep it clean, this is a business blog!).

MOJOZ Consulting has abilities to produce podcasts, short videos, and candid/posed professional pictures to complement some of our other services.

Since we’ve been home and spending more time in the yard, we have noticed some spectacular male cardinals flying around and hanging out in the tall neighborhood trees (yes, Houston—well-known for its 16-lane highways of concrete—has tons of trees!). Every time we would say, “he’s back, where’s the camera?!”

This time, we heard him…chirping a unique bird call that I somehow identified as a cardinal (maybe the Cub Scout days coming back from the recesses of my brain).

We grabbed the binoculars and THIS time the camera as well and headed back outside. The camera was out of the bag and ready to go for a video we have planned later this week.

Short story becoming longer, here we are, a couple with a pair of huge binoculars and a professional camera. Walking through the neighborhood (seemingly randomly, looking like stalkers) chasing a bird from tree to tree. Every time we spotted the bright red bird, he didn’t quite pose for us the way humans can. Thirty minutes later, Monique got this wonderful shot.

Even in the relaxing times, our skills, talents and interests are part of who we are…even if it is a Saturday date night with a bird.

—Steve Jozwiakowski

P.S. Just as a disclaimer, we are neither bird-watching enthusiasts nor fans of any sports team named ‘Cardinal’.

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