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Christmas on Crutches

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I'm glad to be writing this in retrospect—it means we've officially made it to 2021. At the time this series of unfortunate events occurred, there were 15 days left in the year. 2020 still had work to do. There was plenty of time to ring the old year out to a greater degree of epic style than we were already on track to do.

What can possibly happen in 15 days?!

I dared not ask that question at the time. I was ready to roll myself in bubble wrap and lay squarely in the living room, holding my breath, for the next two weeks. I'm ok asking that question now, and here is a series of answers after falling hard walking three dogs before bedtime 15 days ago:

  • What appears to be a light bruise on the left knee

  • A series of "snaps", "cracks" or "pops" in my foot after rolling it. Google has a different diagnosis dependent on the exact sound

  • A foot looking like a rubber kitchen cleaning glove someone had blown up, holding at the wrist

  • An extreme case of hematoma that developed in my left knee and ruptured

  • Wound oozes and wraps

  • X-rays negative for anything serious

  • No surgery need

Never have I ever...

An impeachment trial, stock market crash, celebrity deaths and record named storm season; a global pandemic, racial justice movements, wildfires and "murder hornets" on the loose. This has been a year of unfortunate, unpredictable and unwelcome events for many across the world.

What can possibly happen in 15 days?!

I've never broken, fractured, dislocated, torn, sprained, strained or otherwise injured a muscle or bone. I've never been in the hospital, except for IV drips after an illness left me dehydrated (but that is a story for another blog).

Add to the list of nevers "using crutches." Seems that would be a bad idea with now 14 days left in 2020, right? What can I say, except "2020."

—Monique Jozwiakowski

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