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2020 has a Parting Message: Keep the Momentum

2020 was a year of teachings, learnings and reflections. It was a period of inspiration, retrospection and resilience. It was a time to lean into change and ask ourselves how we want to be seen and heard. What message do we want to carry forward and leave behind? We used the space to ask what is important to others and ponder how we can be present for them. It was a year of active listening to be more understanding, compassionate and empathetic than perhaps we've ever been. Leaders surfaced. People stood up for themselves and others, saying "we can do and be better."

At every moment of every day, we are all where we are meant to be. Each experience is preparing us for the next opportunity while building upon the last. If 2020 weren't exactly as it was, I wouldn't be a certified change agent. I would not have made dozens of new connections and friends or learned how to Zoom proficiently. I would not have joined Humans First Group, attended Amplify DEI, started writing for BizCatalyst 360°, be a building block for Bringing Humanity Together or prepping for my first published article in IABC Catalyst.

Hope Matters I'm thankful to be associated with some of the most incredible humans on the planet. I'm grateful for each amazing opportunity that has led me to this moment. I'm grateful for each of you for supporting and believing in this journey.

If 2020 had not unfolded as it did, I would not be part of the powerful Hope Matters video message here. My hope for a better New Year is that we listen for each other with empathy, compassion, understanding and continue to be curious—about each other and the world around us. We are one humanity—it's time we came together. [see more]

Thank you. And Happy New Year!

—Monique Jozwiakowski

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